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There is so much happening this spring I nearly can't believe it.

First, we've got a new movie on board called "Americanizing Shelley". It's from the Director of the Sopranos and it's a Bollywood/Hollywood crossover. It's receiving TONS of praise from Entertainment Weekly, Variety and other venues and I think it's going to be a big hit. It's going to premiere at the Nashville Film Festival on Thursday April 26th and then it's going into limited theatrical release that we hope will step up to a wide release. There's more information on the movie at www.americanizingshelleythemovie.com.

Also, we have just signed the phenomenally popular "The Prodigy". This movie did so well overseas it deveolped a huge cult following and is now set to his the streets here in the US May 29th. You can find out more about that at www.theprodigymovie.com.

DW Moffett's new series, Hidden Palms, has a premiere date of May 30th on the CW Network. We're all very excited to see this show on the network and hope to see great numbers for it. It's from Kevin Williamson, the creator of "Dawson's Creek" and all of the "Scream" movies and it stars several A-listers. So keep your eyes open for more information on that.

www.dwmoffett.com has also gone live. Check it out!

And DW Moffett will also be starring in the two hour season finale of "Grey's Anatomy". He's going to be playing a role that might be seen later in the new spinoff series, so don't miss that!

And that's the latest buzz...thanks for sticking around!
dw_moffett is going to have his own double feature on Friday night March 30th on CBS. Two episodes of programs he's done in recent weeks are scheduled to air back to back. He can be seen on "Numb3rs" and "The Ghost Whisperer" on that Friday night, so mark that date on your calendar.

Also, drew_waters has a special appearance coming up this weekend in Salado Texas. He'll be there on Saturday all day signing autographs and posing for pictures, so if you're in the area, stop by. And he will be seen in his episode of "Friday Night Lights" on April 4th, so set your recorders for that night!

And that's the latest buzz from all things Beyond the Buzz. :) Hope you're all doing well!
There's a lot going on around here these days. Let's get right to it.

drew_waters has booked an episode of "Friday Night Lights". He'll be playing a swim/diving coach. He films this Wednesday and I'll be pestering him for pictures and stories from the set.

The second "Inspector Mom" movie, "Kidnapped in Ten Easy Steps" is airing on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) on March 8th at 8 eastern. It's set around ballroom dancing and it also stars two very well known professional ballroom dancers. Gocha Chertkoev and his wife Shorena Gachechiladze star in the movie and show off their dancing skills. Gocha is most well known for his reality series on TLC, Ballroom Bootcamp.

dw_moffett has just filmed an episode of "The Ghost Whisperer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's slated to air in late March.

And that's what's happening here. Hope everyone is doing well!
Can be found at my blog:


Check it out and let me know what you think. :)
We've launched our new website. www.beyondthebuzzmarketing.com is now live. Check it out!
DW Moffett (who can be found here on LJ at dw_moffett ) was at the TCA meeting in LA yesterday with his cast mates and the creators of Hidden Palms. They mingled with the press and answered questions in a Q&A panel and then later, in the evening, enjoyed a cocktail party. Keep watching Mr. Moffett's LJ for updates on the event and any other information we receive regarding Hidden Palms.
We've got a lot going on at Beyond The Buzz. dw_moffett will be facing the Television Critics Association next week for Hidden Palms. We can't wait to see what they have to say about this Kevin Williamson project that you'll be seeing soon on the CW network.

drew_waters, star of Inspector Mom, has some big auditions (including some for a Samuel L. Jackson project) coming up, and his co-star, danhorton has promised to start blogging.

Also, Paradise Texas is for sale. You can check it out at www.paradisetexasthemovie.com. It's just received the Dove Foundation's seal of approval for family films, so check it out.

Sock Popits (www.sockpopits.com) made a splash at Christmas as Stocking Stuffers and now they've added a cart program so if anyone's interested in a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new business, check it out at their site.

Inspector Mom is still airing weekly webisodes at www.lmn.tv and the DVD is set up for a release in the spring.

Phew! That's all that I have for this week's update, but keep your eyes peeled. You never know what might come next.

Take care!
I'm well aware that I'm probably the last of the marketing professionals in the world to weigh in on this, but hey, it's a week til Christmas. (That's a fair excuse isn't it?)

So Time magazine pulls this coup by naming bloggers/contributors to the Internet as the people of the year. I can see what they were doing and it garnered exactly what they had hoped. Everyone's talking about it. Blogs exploded. The Internet buzzed. It was great publicity for them and it worked marvelously.

I personally think that, though it did work, it was a stunt from an institution that could have done better. That said, I'm very glad they chose not to go with the other major competitors that they were kicking around. That would be major dictators around the world. They've had more than enough publicity in recent weeks and he doesn't need any more. So kudos to Time for that, but here's wishing they hadn't stooped to what feels like a publicity stunt.
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We'll also give you the latest 'buzz' in viral marketing and comment on current marketing campaigns. And through it all, we'd love to hear your comments on all of it!

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